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Project Description
The core project is designed to support coaches of "long distance" or "endurance" sporting events coach their athletes during a race. The idea being that support staff can provide insights, advice, statistics, etc to the coach to help ensure that he/she as all needed information.

Until I get around to changing it the URL is http://localhost:22676/Event/Index/1

This project was developed for Web Camp Sydney and is designed to show off the following technology:
  • ASP.Net MVC (using areas)
  • Dynamic Data (used for rapid admin system generation)
  • EF4 for Data Access (using SQL Express)
  • Asset Management (using telerik ASP.Net MVC controls)
  • AJAX (using jQuery)
  • Live updates (using jQuery)
  • Client side HTML rendering (using jQuery templates)
  • Strongly typed references (using T4MVC)
  • Error reporting (using Elmah)
  • JavaScript Graphing (using Raphael)
  • CSS3 (for styling)
  • View Models
  • Mobile Support (using custom view engine)
  • Compression (using gzip)
  • Typed App Config Access

Note this code has been put up as is and still probably needs some work for prod use. But as a demo and as a way of seeing how one can use these technologies its a good sample. Also note that the code was developed in only 6 hours so if there are any problems just let me know.

Initial Project Setup

We will be making this simpler (i.e. in the next couple of days we will just make this a lose mdf) but in the mean time if you are unfamiliar with restoring a *.bak file see here:


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